How to get licensed by Summer

Marc Teer

February 06, 2018

How to get licensed by Summer

Every year we notice an interesting trend - users spend dramatically less time studying during the Summer than they do during the rest of the year. Let’s face it, this is not a coincidence. Would you stay inside studying while your friends were enjoying their poolside weekends?

Here are our best tips and strategies to pass the ARE by this Summer so you can spend more time at the beach and finally put the ARE behind you.

Make a schedule and stick to it.

We find that successful licensure candidates spend about 10-15 hours each week studying for the ARE. Those who use a variety of study materials get licensed the fastest and use materials such as:

  • Video Lectures - Perfect for early morning and late night study sessions. Expect to watch for 2-9 hours per week depending on which exam you’re studying for.
  • Practice Exams - When you have at least 2 hours to sit down and focus.
  • Digital Flashcards - Ideal for your commute or a short burst during lunch.

Head to your dashboard to access all of these materials and start studying now!

Don’t know where to start? Download our free study schedule for ARE 5.0! This month-by-month plan has links to our video lectures and practice exams so you can stay on-track to pass your exams over six months.

Listen to advice from your recently licensed peers.

Recently licensed architects at some of the top firms in the world suggest getting up an hour or two early before work to fit in some studying, while others study on their lunch breaks. One architect even told us that once he passed his first exam, he continued to wear the same outfit to every exam thereafter. Do whatever works for you!

When taking your exams, know that you don’t gain anything by not answering a question. Not answering a question is the same as answering incorrectly, so take your best guess. That particular question may even be a pre test item, which means your answer, whether right or wrong, won’t count towards your overall score. So make sure you’re answering each question on the exam to maximize your chances of passing.

Learn other test taking tips and strategies from these recently licensed architects on ARE Live during your next lunch break. Apart from hearing first hand advice, you’ll also have the opportunity to test your knowledge on each exam division by answering mock exam questions similar to what you’ll see on the ARE. Click here to register for upcoming episodes and watch previous ones!

Save money!

As if you needed another reason to get licensed this year, the cost to take each test is increasing by $25 per division starting in October 2018. That’s money you could put towards your Summer vacation!

Need more tips on how to pass quickly? Check out our free ARE Live Podcast episodes!

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