Next ARE Live Broadcast

Marc Teer

March 05, 2015

Next ARE Live Broadcast

As a supplement to our AIA ARE® Prep Tutorial Curriculum, we've developed the ARE Live Podcast, which you can subscribe to (coming soon), watch on Youtube (see below) or register to attend live, online.

Every other month, ARE Live will focus on a different division of the ARE 4.0.  Registrants will be given questions and/or problems to solve before the session, and will have the opportunity to share their solutions with the group for review, during the live session.  

Registration is free.  Click the link below to register for our next broadcast. 

You can also see replays prior webinars below.

NEXT Session:

Programming, Planning & Practice Mock Exam

Wednesday, 5/27/15, 6-7pm CST 

Join us for our Programming Planning and Practice discussion.  We will be using sample mock exam questions as an opportunity to discuss some of the more vexing PPP topics, as well as delve into strategies for answering.  This will be a good introduction to the types of problems that you are likely to find on the PPP exam and how best to respond.  

You can review these mock exam questions prior to the session, and your answers will be reviewed live during the webinar.  Email your completed pdf to [email protected] to have your answers reviewed during the session.

Register for the live broadcast here:

VIDEO Replays:

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