ARE Prep Curriculum with AIA Chicago

Marc Teer

April 30, 2014

ARE Prep Curriculum with AIA Chicago

The vision for Black Spectacles has always been to be the architect's resource for online learning.  We began in 2012 with our software tutorials taught by architects working at the best firms in the world, and nearly 2 1/2 years later, we're proud to announce that today, we've partnered with AIA Chicago to build an entire curriculum to help architects pass the ARE® with our ARE Prep.

AIA Chicago has been helping architects prepare to pass the Architect Registration Exam for decades.  

For the last decade, Mike Newman has been teaching wildly popular ARE Prep classes in Chicago, and I'm pleased to write that we've filmed over 40 hours of Mike's ARE Prep Courses in all seven of the ARE 4.0 divisions,  covering both the multiple choice exams as well as the vignettes.  

These videos tutorials are now available with a new membership- our ARE Tutorial Membership.  So now you can choose between learning software, preparing for the ARE, or both.

And with your ARE Tutorial Membership, you can prepare for the ARE anywhere in the world, on your own schedule, with the confidence that you are learning from the best- just like with our software tutorials. 

Visit our course library to check out the new courses, or to click here to start your ARE Tutorial membership today.

Also, as a supplement to our online ARE curriculum, we're working with AIA Chicago and their Young Architect's Forum to host free ARE webinars every other month.  In each webinar, we'll focus on a different section of the ARE   Registrants will receive questions and/or problems before the webinar, and will have the opportunity to have their solutions reviewed by Mike during the session.  

To register for our next webinar click here.


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