ARE Live: ARE 5.0 Exam Feedback System

Marc Teer

May 10, 2016

ARE Live: ARE 5.0 Exam Feedback System

How to decipher your new exam score reports.

In this episode of the ARE Live, Black Spectacles founder Marc Teer was joined by Mike Newman, who is an instructor for the AIA ARE Prep Curriculum powered by Black Spectacles, to talk about the transition from ARE 4.0 to ARE 5.0, which will be released in late 2016. In Part 11 of this podcast, they discuss the upcoming ARE 5.0 NCARB feedback system and how to decipher what your exam scores mean.

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How to Pass the ARE in Just 5 Exams: A Discussion on ARE 4.0 and ARE 5.0

There's also a new NCARB feedback system coming. The way that information has previously been given back is if you've failed an exam, you would get either a couple of different breakdowns of a three, a two, or a one. And the one would have been passing.

And the trouble they realized that they were having with that, because you'd get that broken down by these different sections, is that you might get say two or three ones, and then maybe one two or a couple of twos or something. And you think, "Well, how come I didn't pass? Overall that average is closer to a one than to a two." But if the ones were for the small sections and the two or the three was for one of the big sections, the two or three, which are failing numbers, take over the numerical count. And so they felt like they were not giving people enough information to really understand what was going on. People were confused.

So the new version is going to be four designations. Instead of having just one on the passing side, we now have two on the passing side. So you start to realize that, "If I have a lot of twos and a couple of threes, well, it could go either way. Either I'm going to be on the fail side or I'm going to be on the pass side. But if I have a one somewhere and then a bunch of threes, that means there's something I'm doing right, but I really need to focus on these other things that aren't going well."

They're not going to bother really giving you any information if you pass everything, because why bother, you've passed, that's all that matters. So be on the lookout for this, they'll start having a bunch of information about it soon. It's a very good thing. People have always been confused by this. Even with that, it's still pretty light in terms of how much information they're going to give you, don't expect a lot.


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