AIAS Forum: Rhino for Kanye…

Marc Teer

December 04, 2013

AIAS Forum: Rhino for Kanye…

AIAS' Forum Conference is in Chicago this year, and we're partnering with the AIAS & SAIC to host the first ever Digital Technology Day with 6, full-day software workshops.  

The six workshops cover beginning and intermediate topics of Revit, Grasshopper and Rhino, and are taughty by Black Spectacles Authors, who are experts at leading firms like SOM, Gensler & Krueck+Sexton. The workshops will be capped by a panel discussion where the instructors and attendees will gather to discuss and debate the impact and potential of advance softwares in architecture.

Each workshop will use the “Absolute Towers” by MAD  as the point of departure for their study.  

Visit AIAS' Conference website to learn more about the event, or choose one of the titles below to learn more about the workshops.  These workshops are $70 for conference attendees:




Image credits: HypeBeast

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