AIA Convention: The Path to Licensure

Marc Teer

May 02, 2016

AIA Convention: The Path to Licensure

How to best support your interns while enhancing your company's success.

Interns are a vital part of your firm's success, and supporting them on their journey to licensure can reap benefits for both them and your firm.

In this session, Matthew Dumich – Senior Architect/Project Manager at Adrian Smith + Gordon Gill Architecture, Hilary Barlow – Designer at Payette, and Amanda Snelson – Architect at Erlich Architects, explore methods of empowering staff and improving performance.

The panel will discuss ways to help your interns develop into experience professionals, while also enhancing your company’s success.

Talking points will include:

  • The benefits of providing support, including positive firm culture and increased employee satisfaction 
  • Best practices, resources, and innovative products that can be incorporated into the workplace 
  • Intern support programs and methods used by top design firms and AIA award winners 

Thursday, May 19 from 3:30 PM to 4:30 PM

1.00 LU/RIBA

Pennsylvania Convention Center
Room 203

Register to attend on the AIA Convention website here.

Photo by beglen / CC by 2.0

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