Adobe Flash for Design Presentations

Marc Teer

April 11, 2011

Adobe Flash for Design Presentations

Flash enables designers to engage in a digital design presentation dialogue.

Thom Mayne presented in Chicago a few years back, and aside from being a tremendously compelling presenter, I noticed that he was using Adobe Flash to present his work/ideas.  He was talking about the development of a building and was using Flash to overlay different diagrams of the plan.  He could click on or off any of the diagrams to explain different ideas and relationships.  I realized that Flash was enabling him to do a digital presentation where the media was interactive.  Instead of a death-by-powerpoint narrative (vividly described in Edward Tufte's: The Cognitive Style of Powerpoint: Pitching Out Corrupts Within ) Flash set him up to engage in a conversation with the group and take the discussion in any direction.  This is the digital version of Steven Holl showing up at the interview for the Nelson Atkins project with only a Moleskine and a black pen- drawing his ideas at the table, right in front of his eventual client.

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Image Credits: Moleskine & Dutch visual artist Rogier Wieland

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