How To Get A Job In Architecture

Marc Teer

May 24, 2018

How To Get A Job In Architecture

If you’re an architecture student looking for your first job at an architecture firm, then download our free guide today to start on your path to becoming an architect!

Developed in collaboration with the American Institute of Architecture Students (AIAS), How To Get A Job In Architecture is full of tips and strategies for securing your first job after you graduate.

You’ll learn tips directly from the people who will be interviewing you, including practicing architects and HR professionals at some of the top firms in the world like Gensler and Cannon Design.

Some highlights include:

- The differences between working at a small versus large firm

- Networking like a pro

- Creating a resume that stands out from the rest

- Best practices for nailing the interview

Download this free guide now!

Bonus: Do you know the design tools you need to work at the top architecture firms in the world? We surveyed over 1,500 of the top firms to find out.

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