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AIA Chapters Provide ARE 5.0 Cost Relief

Kate Brennan

October 23, 2020

For many candidates pursuing licensure, this year has been a bumpy road. AIA chapters across the country are looking to provide relief by offering funds and scholarships to mitigate the cost of the ARE, and to keep the path to licensure open for many future architects.

Keep Calm and Test On(line)

Kate Brennan

October 16, 2020

NCARB has announced some changes to the ARE 5.0 - mainly that it will be available online *fist pump*, and in doing so has made some modifications to the in-person exam. The most important component is to alert you that exam content is not changing, merely how the exam is being delivered. It's kind of like pizza, consume it in the restaurant or order it to your house - it's great no matter what.


Marc Teer

July 30, 2018

In June, we brought you a day-by-day guide for passing PPD. This month, we’re here to prepare you for the PDD division with a 30-day guide to help you pass by the end of August. This study guide has links to our video lectures, practice exams, and flashcards so you know exactly what you need to study to stay on-track to pass.

Come see us at A’18 - AIA’s Conference on Architecture

Marc Teer

June 14, 2018

Black Spectacles is going to be exhibiting at A’18 this year! Stop by to learn more about how we get ARE candidates licensed faster with our first-ever NCARB-approved study materials.

While you’re visiting, pick up a free Black Spectacles t-shirt. You’ll also have the chance to meet our very own Mike Newman.

Pass the PPD exam in 25 days with our free day-by-day guide

Marc Teer

June 06, 2018

To help you successfully tackle the exam by the end of June, we’ve created a 25-day ARE 5.0 PPD study guide, so you’ll have a game plan for learning everything you need to know. This day-by-day plan has links to our video lectures, practice exams, and flashcards, so you can stay on-track to pass your exam.

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