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Learn the ins and outs of how the exam really works. Don’t understand how swales work? Ask your tutor - they will draw upon their experience as an architect to ensure that you understand the concepts, know how to study, and will confidently walk into the testing room knowing you’ve got a great shot at passing.

Select the amount of hours you think you need to meet with your experienced, hand-selected licensed architect. In your first meeting you and your tutor will decide your online meeting schedule and what you will cover during your meetings.

Your tutor will help you stay accountable to yourself by developing a schedule and making sure you stick to it.

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Please note: all hours must be used within 12 months of purchase date.

3 Hours

$269 / hour

Best for the candidate who would benefit from a few sessions of strategizing & question-asking for the exams. Hours can be be distributed as you’d like across all six divisions.

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6 Hours

$259 / hour

Ideal for someone who is looking for getting a more in-depth understanding. Spend a few 2-3 hour sessions strategizing, question-asking, and really digging into the content for the exams. Hours can be be distributed as you’d like across all six divisions.

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12 Hours

$239 / hour

With 12 hours you will get to spend a lot of time with your tutor. You will have much more time to dig into the content for the exams, walk through strategies for taking & passing, and developing a game-plan for achieving licensure. Hours can be be distributed as you’d like across all six divisions.

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Meet our Tutors

portrait of Heather Rivera, NCARB
Heather Rivera, NCARB
Boston, MA

Experience in all aspects of architecture, interiors, construction and project management, from RFP development through occupancy and spent a big chunk of her career working on healthcare and prison projects. Youngest person to hold the title of Associate at HDR.

portrait of Korey White, NCARB
Korey White, NCARB
Chicago, IL

She focuses on projects that serve the community at various scales. Korey is committed to advancing the profession through advocacy. She served as the Chair of the AIA National Associates Committee in 2017. Korey was awarded the 2017 Building Design and Construction 40 under 40 and the 2018 AIA Young Architects Award.