ARE 5.0 Prep Coaching Program

Get the structure and support you need to pass the ARE.

How does the Group Coaching program work?

How Does The Group Coaching Program Work?

Get the structure and support you need to pass the ARE.

Feeling lost on the path to licensure? Feel like you’re ready to give up on the ARE? The Black Spectacles Group Coaching Program aims to give you structure & support from a recently licensed coach while placing you in a group of hand-picked individuals who are just as dedicated as you are to completing this goal.

About the Coaching Program

You’ll find yourself immersed in a dedicated, coach-led study group with other serious exam candidates who have committed to studying and taking each exam at the same time & pace as you. In each group you’ll get:


Get answers to any questions you have from your supportive coach and dedicated groupmates.

Know the best way to study for your style with access to the best testing, learning, and study strategies


Walk into the testing room for all 6 exams in the next 6 months knowing you have a good chance at passing by sticking to your group’s personalized study, meeting, and exam schedule.


Required to send questions & attend every meeting

You and your group commit to taking one exam every month


Our PRO subscription is included in your coaching program cost. You’ll have access to our video lectures, practical application videos, online practice exams, and digital flashcards.

Each tool was built using NCARB’s suggested resources, so you have confidence you know you’re studying the right things.

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Who can join?

  • Candidates who are planning to take all six exams in ARE 5.0
  • Candidates who are eligible with NCARB to take the ARE

How much does it cost?

  • $349 per month for 6 months - includes the required access to our ARE 5.0 Pro Subscription ($199/month value)
  • Get your 6th month free by paying for the full program upfront

How long is the program?

  • 24-weeks: you take one exam every 4 weeks, with 2 group meetings per month

How do I join?

  1. Fill out the application via the link below
  2. If accepted, pay the $50 deposit to reserve your seat
  3. Once you’ve been paired up with your coach and group, we’ll send an introduction so you can meet everyone
  4. Your coach will take it from there! They will send you the group’s syllabus, schedule, & start date and get everything started
  5. Click here if you have additional questions or want to learn more

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November 9, 2018

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February 22, 2019

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May 17, 2019

Applications open April 22

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Testimonial: Jeremy Kleman
Jeremy Kleman
Passed 6 Exams in 6 Months
Testimonial: James Spiller
James Spiller
Black Spectacles ARE Prep Coach
Testimonial: Dominique Moore
Dominique Moore
24-Week Pace

"Once I joined this program, I was able to pass the exam and it has for sure raised my confidence."

Jane Homma
48-Week Pace

"I know that I would not have been able to complete all six ARE 5.0 exams in 6 months without the Black Spectacles Coaching Program."

Jeremy Kleman
24-Week Pace
Testimonial: Desiree Hollar
Desiree Hollar
24-Week Pace
Testimonial: Joshua Smith
Joshua Smith
Black Spectacles ARE Prep Coach
Testimonial: Kenny Nelson
Kenny Nelson
48-Week Pace