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Study Materials To Help You Pass ARE 5.0® Project Planning & Design

Our ARE® 5.0 Project Planning & Design (PPD) study materials are the first-ever to be approved by NCARB. Prepare for the exam with video lectures, practice exams and flashcards. Prepare on your own schedule, or in one of our structured groups, or with a private tutor. All materials are designed by ARE veterans and built in alignment with NCARB’s exam objectives.

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About Project Planning & Design

Project Planning & Design (PPD) covers a project’s schematic design phase — the first stages of site and building design. Our NCARB-approved study materials dig into building systems, materials and assemblies. We cover how to determine environmental conditions and understand project costs. Wrap your head around sustainable principles, governing codes and regulations and integrating building codes.

PPD Division Study Materials & Resources

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Video Lectures

Instructor Mike Newman comprehensively (and non boring-ly) covers all PPD exam objectives. He explains special systems, neighborhood context and program requirements. At the end of each lecture, stay tuned for Practical Applications videos to see how a real-life project relates back to the exam.

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Practical Applications

Become a PPD aficionado as you learn about building materials and structures. Watch as an architect describes the site analysis and structural systems involved in their project for pavilion project in Dallas, Texas. Available with your Pro Subscription.

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Practice Exams

Our practice exams mirror the real PPD division exam and cover the same objectives and include 3 forms to practice from. We use the same types of questions, and topics cover structural systems, firewalls and budgetary requirements. Unpack every question with additional material that ties back to exam objectives.

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Digital Flashcards

Master these flashcards, and you’ll be well-versed in everything from azimuths and rough grading to metes and bounds. Flashcards offer a comprehensive dive into all things Project Planning & Design. It’s easy to add your own cards to the mix. All on your phone, so you can study anywhere.

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Virtual Workshops

In Project Planning & Design Virtual Workshops you’ll fully understand the most challenging concepts surrounding construction type and occupancy classifications as well as other areas in this division. Led by a licensed architect, engage in virtual, interactive group exercises that hone in on the top four PPD topics candidates report struggling with. After the exercise, continue to reinforce those skills in a live Q&A - an opportunity to ask any ARE-related questions with a licenced architect. Virtual Workshops run in a 4-week cycle, with no start or end date. Once your membership starts, you can hop into the cycle, and in 4 weeks you’ll cover all the topics. If you elect to stay for more than one month, you’ll review the same topics again, but with new exercises - so you can really ensure you’ve mastered these concepts. And remember, with your Black Spectacles membership, you get access to content for all six divisions, so you can switch over to a different exam’s workshops at any time. Available with your Expert Subscription.

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Black Spectacles is the first and only NCARB Approved Test Prep Provider for all 6 divisions of ARE 5.0.