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Get Ready To Own Practice Management

The first ARE® 5.0 Practice Management (PcM) study materials with the NCARB stamp of approval. Prep with video lectures, practice exams and flashcards. Prepare on your own schedule, or in one of our structured groups, or with a private tutor. All materials are designed by ARE veterans and built in alignment with NCARB’s exam objectives.

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About Practice Management

The most recent addition to ARE’s exam focuses on managing your own architecture practice. The PcM division covers ethics, fiduciary and financial responsibilities and governing regulations of architecture. Ready to tackle business plans, understand AIA Contracts, and know which insurance policies you need? We’ll help you learn it all.

PcM Division Study Materials & Resources

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Video Lectures

All-star instructor Mike Newman knows PcM inside and out. He explains contracts, organization charts and business plans. Practical Application videos at the end of each objective relate real-life projects back to the exam.

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Practical Applications

Watch real life scenarios that will help you better understand the ins and outs of a practice. Follow along with two architects as they explain the delivery methods used and how they asked staff for the projects they are working on. Available with your Pro Subscription.

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Practice Exams

Get up to speed about running a business. Our practice exams are as close as you get to the real PcM exam. Questions cover business operations, risk and ethics. To review the material in even more detail, each question aligns back to its objective. Choose from 3 distinct forms and really test your knowledge.

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Digital Flashcards

Get into the nitty-gritty of exactly what a Gantt chart is, which insurance is best and what SMART goals are. Master our PcM cards, or add your own. Review, shuffle and mark cards as mastered on your phone — no need to lug a giant box of flashcards around.

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Virtual Workshops

In Practice Management Virtual Workshops you’ll gain confidence in understanding major decision items, equations and contracts among other concepts. Led by a licensed architect, engage in virtual, interactive group exercises that hone in on the top four PcM topics testing candidates report struggling with. After the exercise, continue to reinforce those skills in a live Q&A - an opportunity to ask any ARE-related questions with a licenced architect. Virtual Workshops run in a 4-week cycle, with no start or end date. Once your membership starts, you can hop into the cycle, and in 4 weeks you’ll cover all the topics. If you elect to stay for more than one month, you’ll review the same topics again, but with new exercises - so you can really ensure you’ve mastered these concepts. And remember, with your Black Spectacles membership, you get access to content for all six divisions, so you can switch over to a different exam’s workshops at any time. Available with your Expert Subscription.

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With your membership, gain access to all 6 divisions simultaneously so you can crank up your ARE studying and save money by taking all the exams in a shortened amount of time! If your life can’t accommodate that right now, sign up for a 6 or 12 month membership and get up to 2 months free. We know everyone has a different learning and studying style, which is why all of Black Spectacles materials are flexible and at your fingertips wherever and whenever you can find an internet connection. So which will it be - the tortoise or the hare? Choose from one of our four membership options and mold your path to passing the ARE to your personal preference.

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Testimonial - Melinda Siew, Designer, KPF

“It was perfect. I liked that it told me how many videos and the percentage of material I’ve gone through. Then I can actually plan ahead of time how many hours I need to allocate to studying this material or this chapter. That was really helpful for me lifestyle-wise and keeping things scheduled.”

- Melinda Siew, Designer, KPF
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NCARB Approved Test Prep

Black Spectacles is the first and only NCARB Approved Test Prep Provider for all 6 divisions of ARE 5.0.