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If you’ve made it to this phase as an architect, you’ve gotta be feeling pretty good. Finally, all your hard work is literally beginning to take shape. But now’s no time for complacency. In this series of lectures and practical application videos, respected architects from around the country will show you how to finish the marathon strong. They’ll cover everything from construction contract execution and support services to payment request processing and project closeout – all of which will help you finish the exam strong too.

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Among a variety of places, we’ll take you to 5G Studio to hear from Jim Viviano. He explains the ins and outs of shop drawing submittals, site visit walk-throughs, and how his firm resolved unforeseen conditions that arose during a renovation in downtown Atlanta.

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Video Lectures

Sometimes watching video of experts who’ve been and there and done that, can make content a whole lot more understandable...and relatable. That’s the idea behind the CE video lectures and real-life application videos. Respected architects from around the corner and around the globe use graphs, animations, and 3D models to help you understand everything you need to know about Construction & Evaluation.

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The CE practice exam covers off everything you’ll want to know come test-time, making it a great barometer for gauging your Construction & Evaluation skills. As an added bonus, it mirrors the actual exam, down to the functionality, format, and color with 3 forms to practice from. That means you won’t be surprised by the questions, or the look and feel of the exam itself.

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Know your way around acronyms like, OAC, GC, and MBE. Figure out what “G702” is. Identify the two reasons owners select design-build. If it’s on the test, it’ll be on the flashcards. Review, shuffle, and mark cards as mastered on your phone. You can even make your own. For those feeling extra motivated, each card links to a video lecture with an in-depth explanation of the term or concept.

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