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ARE® 5.0 Prep that Crushes Every Excuse in the Book

ARE 5.0 study materials include over 120 hours of video lectures video lectures, timed practice exams and over 3,000 flashcards.

About the ARE® 5.0

Take your career to the next level and become a licensed architect. The Architecture Registration Exam (ARE), created by the National Council of Architectural Registration Boards, aims to evaluate your knowledge and skills in architecture. The ARE is a multiple division exam designed to assess specifics of architectural integrity, soundness, and the health of a building. Ultimately, the ARE aims to make sure public health, safety, and welfare are integrated into every building.

Everything you need to study for all six ARE® 5.0 Divisions

For every division of ARE® 5.0, we have you covered. Black Spectacles study materials are based on what you’ll see on the real exam.

Practice Management

This is the newest division to the ARE, focusing on how to own, run, and manage a firm. Know the in’s & out’s of staffing needs, managing budgets, and acquiring & keeping clients.

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Project Management

In this division you’ll be required to know the beginnings of a project. Understand the specifics of contracts, managing consultants and teams, and quality control.

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Programming & Analysis

This division focuses on project evaluation. You’ll need to be able to identify project requirements, project type analysis, economic issues, and others for this division.

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Project Planning & Design

The first stages of site and building design are covered in this division. You’ll need to know design concepts, codes & regulations, materials & assemblies for this section.

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Project Development & Documentation

This division will cover post-design and preparing construction documents. Building systems integration, project manuals, IBC, and others will be included in this section.

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Construction & Evaluation

This division is centered around the final stages of a project. You’ll need to know contract administration, project evaluation, project closeout, and others.

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Our PcM, PjM, PA, PPD, and PDD study materials are the first ever to be NCARB-approved.

NCARB Approved ARE 5.0 Test Prep Material PcM NCARB Approved ARE 5.0 Test Prep Material PjM NCARB Approved ARE 5.0 Test Prep Material PA NCARB Approved ARE 5.0 Test Prep Material PPD NCARB Approved ARE 5.0 Test Prep Material PDD

ARE® 5.0 exam prep you can access anytime, anywhere

We cover all NCARB exam objectives so you’ll feel confident and prepared come exam day. Watch video lectures, take practice exams and review flashcards anywhere you have an Internet connection.

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Video Lectures

Watch for a few minutes or cram for hours

Over 120 hours of video lectures, all built in alignment with NCARB’s exam objectives. You’ll learn from veteran architect Mike Newman, one of the most engaging and informative instructors in the biz.

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Practical Applications

Drive the concepts home with real world project stories

We bring projects to life - literally. Watch videos of architects explaining where projects are in real-time as they relate back to each exam objective. We even take you inside the wall using animations so you can get a true “full picture” and the best understanding possible.

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ARE® Practice Exams

As close as you’ll get to taking the actual ARE® 5.0

Our practice exams simulate the look, feel and time constraints of the real exam. We use the same process as NCARB to design our ARE® practice questions. Questions are developed and vetted by test question experts. Become more familiar with the exam’s format, questions and case studies.

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Digital Flashcards

Carry over 3,000 flashcards on your phone

Brush up on content, words and objectives. Each card links to a video lecture if you want to dive deeper. Shuffle the deck, mark flashcards as mastered, and create your own.

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Group Coaching

Craving accountability and extra support?

Get structure, support and community with online group coaching. A licensed coach customizes the syllabus, creates ARE® study guides and helps everyone stay motivated along the path to licensure.

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Private Tutoring

Walk in knowing you’re going to pass

Work closely with your hand-selected tutor to learn the in’s and out’s of how the exam really works. Your tutor will draw upon their experience as an architect to ensure that you understand the concepts, know how to study and have a great mindset going into the exam.

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