Online Revit Training for Architects by Architects

Online Revit Training for Architects by Architects

Black Spectacles' online Revit training for architects is the most relevant and flexible way to learn BIM.

There is so much talk about BIM and Revit these days, that the transformation of the profession from CAD seems to be in full swing.  Many students, architects and firms are searching for Revit training so they can stay ahead of the competition, yet in talking to students, deans, architects, and firm leaders its really obvious that there isn't a good way to learn Revit, and other architecture design software.  Black Spectacles has recently launched 5 courses in Revit Architecture that are taught by practicing architects, and that accomodate the crazy schedules that we often keep.  These courses are available anywhere you can get an internet connection, and are viewable on any laptop, tablet or mobile phone.  They are handy because although each course covers 1- 4 hours of content, they are broken up into little 5 minute videos- allowing users to either pick a short topic to learn, or watch them consecutively as one entire course.

The first course: In-Depth with Revit Architecture Basic Tools is taught by Robert van het Hof- who practices architecture at Ware Malcomb.  It is a four hour course that goes into each of the basic tools and shows you pretty much everything that you want to do with them- covering, walls, floors, roofs, ceilings, levels and grids.  For example, in the walls chapter of the course, it shows how to make basic walls, how to make custom walls, how to make reveals and sweeps, how to make stacked walls and more.  So it really goes from the beginner techniques all the way through the advanced techniques- its very comprehensive.  After watching this course, there really wouldn't be anything you couldn't do with these basic tools.

Then we have a series of four courses from Brian DeYoung that show you everything there is to know about Revit Families.  Brian is a practicing architect at SOM, formerly of Gensler and Marmol Radziner- where he first started learning Revit.  He starts with a beginner course- Family Basics in Revit Architecture, and leads you through making a casework family.  He has two intermediate courses- Door Families in Revit Architecture and Curtain Wall Families in Revit Architecture.  The door families course takes you through making a door family, and a good strategy for how to get an endless number of type variations out of one family- which could save you tons of work!  The Curtain Wall Families course goes through the various ways to make curtain walls or stick systems, using the wall tool or the curtain wall family.  It also gets into types and maybe more importantly shows how to make corner panels properly.  Finally, Brian's Advanced Family Topics in Revit Architecture is an amazing course.  Frankly, the content in this course just doesn't exist elsewhere in such an accessible format.  He goes through shared parameters, reporting parameters, conditional formulas, working with arrays, line based families among other topics.  I've been working with Revit for 5 years, and I, personally learned things that would save me tons of time.

All of these courses have free videos that you can watch to see for yourself.  If you have any thoughts for courses that you'd like to see added to our library, let us know in the comments section below.

Stay current with design software & pass the A.R.E.

If you fell in love with architecture & design because you want to make world-class work, then you're in luck.

We all know that to create work at a high level, you have to master the design tools. Now, we've revolutionlized the way that we learn these tools.

As you'll see in a moment, Black Spectacles' Online Course Library is much more than software training.  It's a community of architects and designers that's come together to achieve three important objectives.

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